We sincerely appreciate the efforts you all are taking to continue the process of learning for the kids. Regards,


Thank you for your tremendous support. It is nice to have the right guidance during such times. Shahul is missing his teachers and is waiting to come back to his school. Regards,

Hello Dear Teachers,

I wanted to personally thank you for all the digital learning efforts. I loved the way the school acknowledged and accepted the changing circumstances and evolved their learning strategy. I am sure a lot must have gone into creating content to…

Dear Madame,

Thank you for the extra efforts being taken from the faculty side to keep our kids learning… Regards,


We had always wanted a different type of school for our son where not only studies are given importance. We wanted him to grow in all dimensions and explore everything whether he excels it or not because we believe that…

Dear Rency Mam,

Thanks a lot for all the love and care that you have been giving to the children. Wish to mention a special note for Rajitha Mam (Grade 1B). The way she handled the kids was wonderful. She has in her…