I wanted to personally thank you for all the digital learning efforts. I loved the way the
school acknowledged and accepted the changing circumstances and evolved their learning
strategy. I am sure a lot must have gone into creating content to capture the attention of
our kids. Appreciate all your efforts. We are settling down to the new normal way of work.
Vedika enquires about her friends, teachers and chechis and misses them all. She has
donned the role of Deepa Miss and is play acting all the classes. For a change, her dad and
mom are the students :).
Partnering with Vedika on the homework has been an eventful experience. She loved all the
Bounce Patrol, Ridhima Rawal and Jack Hartmann videos. We are yet to catch up on all the
arts and crafts due to lack of supplies however, we are using whatever is available at home
Vedika is focusing on developing her interest to read. We have made small strides and I am
hopeful that she will fall in love with books. On the home front, she is helping mom and she
tried her hands at tying shoelaces with support from dad.