A big thank you to you all. For guiding Myra, as she was blooming. Today she is a confident,
outspoken, vivacious, intelligent, creative, curious, energetic, smart, thinking young child. I
do believe in the role of nature and nurture. Thank you for being part of the nurture.
Ms. Lakshmi, when Myra joined preschool it was at a very difficult point in our lives, a
juncture where I didn’t know what was ahead, but determined nevertheless. You saw to it
that Myra settled in beautifully and looked forward to joining kindergarten in TRINS.
Ms. Deepa, Myra has a tremendous love for you and I respect that. It was a difficult year for
me when she was in KG1, trying to adjust to a culture, to which though I belonged, I was
alien to. The only sanity amongst the turmoil was seeing her happy, confidence everyday,
coming back from school, and looking forward eagerly to the next day. Seeing her
encouraged me to keep going, gave me the will to stick on. Unknowingly, you were a big
part of that.
Ms. Manju and Ms. Sindhu, I have come to respect you as Myra’s teachers. To her, you are
her GOD. She will take instructions willingly and unflinchingly from no one else but you!
Thank you for guiding me on the various days such as Science Day, show and tell, for I seem
to be at a loss for ideas in such activities! Thank you for guiding me to look upon her for
answers and letting me know that it was okay to not be perfect!
Ms. Rensy, thank you that I could be a part of some of her important days, juggling between
being a professional and a parent.

Never once has the fact that she is from a broken family cast a negative shadow on her life
and I truly thank you all for that, from the bottom of my heart.

Best Regards,