We had always wanted a different type of school for our son where not only studies are
given importance.
We wanted him to grow in all dimensions and explore everything whether he excels it or not
because we believe that it is very important especially for the child to know and experience
other areas apart from studies.

Looking back, I feel really good that we decided to select this school for our son’s education.
There are a lot of aspects that I really like and some of them are:
A lot of creative activities – When I see the video/daily logs; I am surprised to see the variety
of activities done and how various leanings are weaved into it Homework – This is also
important because he can just play after his school which is what we wanted especially at
such a young age. I can see my neighbor’s daughter(same age) who is completing her
homework/going to tuition while Atharva is playing. Stage activities – The first time I went
on stage was when I was in 5th standard and I was a nervous wreck. If I see Atharva’s
journey, I have counted at least 5 instances when he has gone up on stage and presented
something. An early introduction is so important and I am glad that you are doing so many
activities that put them on stage teachers – I cannot even thank the teachers enough for the
amount of creativity, energy and patience they put in. I have only words – Thank You! Events

The past 8 months were dotted with so many events that I am surprised that it fit in just 8
months! From Independence Day to Halloween; from Diwali to Christmas(which we sadly
missed though)’ from sports day to Broadway; it was surely an eventful year. I am looking
forward to see how the next year pans out. My parents were so excited to come for the
Grandparents Day. Exhibition – It was in my 8th standard that I did my first exhibition and
Atharva did in his KG1. I was so surprised to see him explaining what the exhibit is. I believe
he did a better job than me(in 8th standard). The credit can only go to his teachers and no
one else.
There are so many things that I am thankful to the management as well but mainly to his
teachers. He loves Ms. Deepthi and the Chechis. He constantly speaks about Ms.
Ajitha, Deepak sir, Sujith sir, Ms. Brinda. He is not a person who tells us about all the
activities that happened on a specific day but invariably shows via various actions.

There are many things in which I need your help in improving Atharva forward but seeing his
improvement in just 8 months, I have very less to worry 🙂

Thank you from the bottom of our heart for taking special care and designing the curriculum
so intricately that the overall development of a child is taken care of.