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Cochin International – International School in Kochi, Kerala

Cochin International School Story

Our  Story

“Investment in your child’s future is our hallmark and your satisfaction is our achievements” – this statement summarizes the crux of our educational framework at COCHINS.

Our journey began in 2003, with the founding of Trivandrum International School (TRINS) – a first of its kind Cambridge International and IB world school in Kerala. Founded in 2016, The Charter School was taken over by Trivandrum International School (TRINS) in 2019. This led to the inception of Cochin International School (COCHINS).


Our mission is, ‘To mould young learners to the next generation of global leaders, by creating self-confident, sensitive, responsible and informed individuals with a lifelong passion for learning and caring’. A balance of academic rigour, commitment to social service, and exposure to a varied range of extra-curricular and outbound activities, within a sprawled campus, under the care of consistently trained teachers, provide for a great environment that our alumni university placements and national rankings consistently prove, and we are certain to be able to replicate this in Cochin.

Cochin International School Child Planting Tree
Cochin International School Values


The highest standards in framing a complete educational system are those which focus on balanced development and all-round growth of a child’s faculties. At COCHINS, the educational standards combine academic ambition, co-curricular vigour, multi-pronged extra-curricular dynamism with the highest standards of social responsibility and service to the community.

COCHINS is the set destination where the child’s finest intellectual and physical progress is ingrained with the best moral and ethical values that separate the best from the rest. The emphasis is on independent achievement of distinction in any form of activity best suited for your child.

#Discover Campus A Campus

The campus is a place for discovery, alive with debate, both intellectually and physically.The sustainable campus architecture isn’t just a backdrop.

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