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From the Head of the School

The Head of the IB School in Cochin

“I am very pleased to welcome you to Cochin International School. As Director of Academics, I am very excited to be involved in the establishment and growth of the School and its commitment to deliver an international curriculum to prepare its students for the twenty-first-century world in Cochin. The International Baccalaureate offers a challenging and inspiring foundation for a child’s intellectual and personality development. As a premier IB school in Cochin, we assist our students in developing those qualities that will enable them to be independent, self-aware learners. As students progress through Cochin International School, they will benefit from a curriculum influenced by both the IB philosophy and the COCHINS being a Cambridge International school.

Having seen the success of Trivandrum International School, both Kerala’s first IB World School and a pioneer in the state with Cambridge International examinations, I know that we will repeat this success at Cochin International School. The commitment to a genuine international curriculum in Cochin delivered by appropriately trained teachers is central to the School’s ethos.

The spacious Cochin campus has also allowed the planning of a wonderful campus for an IB school, with facilities that will support a wide-ranging co-curricular programme. I invite you to find out more about Cochin International School and the distinctive education we offer.”

Richard Hillebrand

Image of Richard-hillebrand
Students of Cochin International School

Shaping of an idea at IB school in Cochin 

“Your investment in your child’s education is as much our responsibility as yours” – this statement summarizes the crux of our educational framework at COCHINS. Our journey began in 2003 with the founding of Trivandrum International School (TRINS), the First of its kind Cambridge International and IB school in Kerala. In 2012, The Charter School was established in total compliance with prevailing global education parameters for IB schools. 

Our vision of achieving excellence in the domain of children’s education saw a new milestone in 2019 when The Charter School was taken over by Trivandrum International School, which ultimately led to the formation of Cochin International School (COCHINS) – A focal point of global educational excellence for children.

Lighting Fire to the Idea- Management

Image of George M Cochin International SchoolOur President, Mr. George M. Thomas, a leading NRI business owner based in the Sultanate of Oman, embraces a passion for establishing premier educational institutions to develop potential future generations. His ardent ambition has paved the way for the establishment of the IB schools — Trivandrum International School, Asian School of Business, chain of Early Learning Centre, and now The Charter School and The Cochin International School.

Image of Sapnu George- Cochin International SchoolExecutive Director, Ms. Sapnu George cares deeply about the mission of teaching a passion for learning & caring in children. Her creativity and eye for detail from her training in architecture hold her in good stead at our premier IB school.

Image of Management Cochin International SchoolSince its inception, Mr. Vijaya Raghavan has been the honorary director of Trivandrum International School. Having held the position of Founder Director of the National Institute of Speech and Hearing—NISH for 20 years, he is a pioneer in his contributions toward the evolution of Kerala’s IT and software industry.

Leadership Team

Karol Toth,
Principal, Cochin International School

Mr Karol holds a Master’s Degree from JNU and has spent almost two decades in India teaching at leading educational institutions. He joins COCHINS with experience as an academic leader in International Baccalaureate and Cambridge schools across the country. An engaging and innovative educator, Mr Toth has successfully inculcated a love of learning among his students and a strong camaraderie in his colleagues.

Remi C Rajan- IBPYP CoordinatorMs. Remi C Rajan,
IB-PYP Coordinator

Ms Remi has eight years of experience as a PYP educator, including three years at Trivandrum International School. She is an inspiring and determined teacher who encourages each child to explore the world around them. Ms Remi believes that high expectations within the school lead to high levels of achievement. She holds a Master in Philosophy (Computer Science) from Jain University, Bangalore and a Master in Science, (Computer Science) from Christ University, Bangalore. 

Mentoring team

Richard Hillebrand,
Director of Academics, TRINS Group

After graduating from Oxford University, Mr. Richard Hillebrand entered teaching and has had a career that has taken him to schools in England, Sri Lanka and Jordan – as well as Kerala. He was the founding principal of Trivandrum International School in 2003 and continues to enjoy contributing both to TRINS and Cochin International School. Empowering young people to develop their potential and develop as the leaders of tomorrow is a responsibility that he finds tremendously rewarding.

Sanjay Cochin International School

Sanjay Prabhakaran,
Head of IB Primary Years Programme, TRINS Group

Mr Sanjay has experience in some of the top IB schools in India and is an IB evaluator. He embodies and implements the PYP philosophy with rigour.

Rensy Oommen,
Mentor to Junior School

An ardent desire to channel the innate potential in young students has always motivated Ms. Rensy Oommen to coordinate several outreach initiatives at Trivandrum International School, where she joined as a teacher in 2004 and is currently the Head of the Primary Section. She continues to find joy and satisfaction in her role as an educator today as much as she did when she started her journey in the field of education 20 years ago.


  • A seamless transition from primary to secondary school. 
  • A group of highly qualified and committed educators who will instill a lifelong love of learning, encourage intellectual curiosity, and develop & nurture critical thinkers, problem solvers, decision-makers, responsible risk-takers, and effective communicators.
  • The International Baccalaureate is a broad-based, dynamic, and balanced inquiry-based curriculum in which we value equal participation in extracurricular activities and academic accomplishment.
  • Self-assured, focused, disciplined, well-balanced, and entrepreneurial young minds, ready to take their position and make their mark in modern society via challenging learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom. 
  • Traditional values of decency, honesty, tolerance, and mutual respect are instilled in students through a systematic curriculum.
  • Small class sizes allow for more individual attention and a wider range of teaching and learning styles. 
  • A setting in which instructors, support workers, and parents work together to ensure that every student receives the best possible education. 
  • We provide a safe and loving environment where diversity is valued, and we uphold traditional values like tolerance and mutual respect.


  • Create an environment where learning, teaching, accomplishing, and being together are shared passions and enthusiasms.
  • Appoint the best leaders, teachers, and support personnel who will provide professional development training.
  • Take into consideration the learning needs and personal development of individual students along with their right to the finest education.
  • Hold everyone in high regard and expect them to go above and beyond their current expectations. We set a higher standard for what can be accomplished individually and collectively. We increase our educational possibilities and broaden our horizons.
  • Collaborate closely with our student’s families and other schools, institutions, and the public.
  • Improve standards by focusing on the essentials, such as literacy, numeracy, science, and ICT. 
  • Introduce the best new educational ideas and practices. 
  • Assist students in becoming self-assured young people who can contribute effectively to their communities and live fulfilling lives. 
  • Offer structures and facilities that will continue to increase the quality of experience for students and staff and our ability to provide 21st-century teaching and learning.

The goal is to provide the best time of life for kids while they get to learn and fall in love with learning.