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COCHINS | Best School in Kerala

What Makes Us The Best School in Kerala?

We are proud to be one of the top schools in Kerala. We guarantee that our students thrive with individual attention from our staff and live in an atmosphere that reflects their personalities. We are among the top schools in Kerala as we follow programmes that entail strengthening existing ties with the local community and proactively tackling social and environmental issues. We are persistent in our efforts to remain the best school in Kerala.

Our curriculum helps us reach the list of top schools in Kerala as it is backed by infrastructural and technical support. Additionally, our teachers are the most visible representations of our school and thus our staff includes highly qualified educators who are dedicated to fostering your child’s future success via creative and proven approaches.

COCHINS Among Top Schools in Kerala

As one of the top schools in Kerala, we follow a comprehensive educational system that emphasises a child’s overall development and progress at COCHINS. Academic drive, co-curricular dynamism, and the highest levels of personal accountability and community service are all part of COCHINS’ educational ideals. We recognise our obligation to the community members which makes us the best school in Kerala!

We are the best school in Kerala because we ensure better academic outcomes for children with the help of the IB Programme and IB’s PYP Curriculum. The Primary Year Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate focuses on identifying the spark in developing brains throughout their formative years.

Primary School
Upcoming Middle School and Senior School
Upcoming Senior Secondary School

COCHINS creates an excellent atmosphere through a blend of academic rigour, devotion to social responsibility, and exposure to a wide variety of extra-curricular and outside activities on a vast campus and under the supervision of professional instructors. Thus we are the best school in Kerala.

Special Education
Skills Development
Outdoor Activities
Social Service

Infrastructure Competing Top Schools In Kerala

The school is located in Upper Kakkanad, on a 12-acre site that is conveniently accessible from all regions of Kochi city. We are dedicated to remaining the best school in Kerala as our campus is being expanded to incorporate an independent block for international education, separate from the CBSE area. New sports facilities and a swimming pool will also be available at COCHINS, one of the top schools in Kerala!

Kindergarten Block
Academic Block
Multi-Purpose Sports Facility
Skills Centre
Swimming Pool
Multi-Purpose Hall