Your child is normally enthusiastic about school, but when it comes time to go, they become adamantly opposed. Perhaps you can get them there at the gate, but they won’t let go of your hand when it’s time to leave at the school gate. Maybe your child goes to school, but then spends half of the time at the nurse’s office moaning about tummy problems and requesting to be sent home.

If you are worried about what to do if your kid is afraid to go to school, this is the blog for you.

All of these circumstances are symptoms of school anxiety or avoidance. Despite the fact that it may feel that your kid is the only one dealing with these challenges, you are not alone: Up to 5% of youngsters are afraid of going to school.

My Child is Afraid to Go to School, Why?

School phobias might range from one kid to the next. External indications include delays in getting on the bus or telling parents they don’t like to go to school.

Other kids may feel depressed in schools, complain of being unwell frequently, or try to skip school to escape difficult classes or subjects.

School phobia can cause physical symptoms in kids of all ages. Most of these are anxiety-related. Tummy pains, headaches, nausea, and diarrhea are some of the results.


What Makes a Kid Afraid to Go to School?


School phobia is caused by a combination of reasons that have taken place over time, rather than by a single major issue.

School avoidance can be caused by a number of factors, like issues in the parent-child connection, poor self-esteem, academic hurdles, social troubles, or a family history of mental health issues in the children or their parents.

Another reason for school avoidance might be a prior trauma or a school-related issue. This might be due to a social issue, bullying, or a fear of being judged by their peers.

The following might be the reason that makes a kid afraid to go to school:

  • Issues in learning in school
  • Social issues at school
  • Problems with mental health
  • Pressure at school
  • Changes at school or elsewhere
  • Instances of bullying and abuse in school
  • Issues after puberty in the school
  • Struggles with the tutor

Tips On How To Cure School Anxiety

  • Start preparing your kids for the coming shift a week or two before the school starts. Set a bedtime routine and practice picking tomorrow’s clothes.
  • Before the school starts, schedule play dates with some of their friends. Having a familiar classmate present during school hours might help kids adjust intellectually and emotionally.
  • Visit the school prior to the start of the school year, practice drop-off, and spend some time on the school campus. Have your kid practice going into the class while you wait outside.
  • Prepare a reward or an activity that your kid may earn for leaving mom or dad to go to the school.
  • Talk about your kid’s concerns and try to understand them. Tell them that like any new interest, starting school might be difficult at first but will soon become simple and enjoyable.

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