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COCHINS | Among Best IB Schools In India

Why Are We Among The Best IB Schools In India?

In 2003 when Trivandrum International School (TRINS) was established as Kerala’s first Cambridge International and International IB school. The Charter School was founded in 2016 and was then taken over by Trivandrum International School (TRINS) in 2019. Cochin International School (COCHINS) was thus founded as one of the early IB board schools in India.

We are among the top IB board schools in India as we employ a staff that gives each kid plenty of individual attention. Unlike most other IB board schools in India, we follow programmes that entail strengthening existing ties with the local community and proactively tackling social and environmental issues. We are persistent in our efforts to remain on the short list of the top IB schools in Kerala and India.

Goal of The IB Curriculum

Among the other IB curriculum schools in India, COCHINS aspires to attain a degree of knowledge that will empower future generations and unearth practical solutions.

The IB curriculum aims to develop globally conscious citizens who, by recognising their shared humanity and joint guardianship of the globe, help to make the world a better and more harmonious place. At COCHINS we follow exactly the same which makes us the best IB school.

The learning environment at our IB school includes not only the physical campus but also the emotional climate and culture. We are determined to remain firm as the best IB school and pamper an ideal learning environment. At our IB school, we aspire to establish a learning atmosphere in which students feel at ease while taking chances, asking questions, and experimenting with new concepts.

We stand out from the other IB schools in India because our most precious asset, a dedicated team of educators who work tirelessly to deliver an educational curriculum that incorporates essential academics, character building, and a diverse range of sports and artistic experiences.

COCHINS Among IB Curriculum Schools in India

We implement the IB curriculum in the truest sense. We employ a methodology that focuses on producing internationally-minded individuals who are devoted to establishing a peaceful world through inquiry, understanding, and mutual respect. We are the best IB school as we meet the need for a comprehensive approach to education.

The educational philosophy that we promote at COCHINS goes beyond basic topic knowledge which makes us different from most other IB schools in India. Our curriculum is distinguished from other IB curriculum schools in India as it is backed by infrastructural and technical support.

Another reason COCHINS stands as one of the Top IB schools is its teachers. The teachers are the most visible representations of the school, thus our staff includes highly qualified educators who are dedicated to fostering your child’s future success via creative and proven approaches. Our educational standards make us easily distinguishable from other IB curriculum schools in India.