IGCSE Schools in Kerala

As one of the major IGCSE schools in Kerala, we build leadership and confidence in the students through various activities and exchange programmes. Our trained faculty puts in extra effort to diversify in career guidance and deliver learning through holistic activities.

Many classrooms worldwide have long been victims of a philosophy that emphasizes syllabus completion and curriculum standards over the learning requirement and individuality of students. After two years of school closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the curriculum has become obsolete in its current form.


To recoup lost learning, school systems must return to basics (foundational literacy and numeracy) and provide opportunities for students to reconnect and catch up. We at COCHINS understand that an educational foundation needs to be re-created in a safe environment.

Our IGCSE school pedagogy in Kochi is based on the emotional well-being of our students. We believe in incorporating knowledge with inclusive activities that cater to individualistic characteristics.

At our core, lies the need to cater to the community as a whole while teachings kids from an early age how to take up challenges head-on.

How Does the IB Diploma At Our IGCSE School in Kochi Help Your Child’s Future?

Our curriculum encourages pupils to develop various abilities and attributes by encouraging intellectual curiosity. The abilities and attributes learned in the IB programme provide a firm basis for students to plan their future courses and careers.

Through the propagation of inclusion and equal opportunities, we aim to create a close-knit community not only amongst our IGCSE schools in Kerala but also for our global family. A child is like clay that can be moulded, and therefore, we let the kids be themselves while nudging them in the right direction.

Our diversified extracurricular activities have made us one of the best IGCSE schools in Kerala to look for. 

With a smooth transition to online learning, parents of current wards witnessed first-hand the stealthy attitude our teachers and staff brought in to combat any gap in education for our students during Covid-19 induced lockdowns. As a premier IGCSE school in Kochi, we boast a reputation with a worldwide network of alumni worldwide working in fragmented fields. 

We are proud of our teachers for ensuring that students were given attention and taken care of, even across a screen. As the top IGCSE school in Kochi, we will let our students and guardians speak for the quality we bring in.

While foreign and Indian curricula cover the same topics, their approaches are vastly different. For example, in an Indian CISCE history test, a student may be asked to enumerate all the events during World War I.


Our curriculum may pose a more open-ended topic, such as “To what extent is World War I justifiable?” Students will need to know the same subject to answer either of these questions. The difference is that the latter issue is viewed as easier because it needs more investigation and an intuitive awareness of the relationships between various things.

We are creating a difference with our world-class IGCSE school system in Kochi, Kerala. 

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