Education is the cornerstone of your child’s well-being. Deciding the right school is as important as deciding the board you wish to opt for your ward. While differentiating between can be a tricky job, it will play a significant role in paving your child’s path to a successful career.  

This ultimate guide will help you make the right difference between IGCSE, CBSE and ICSE and choose the best for your child. Before diving deep, it is significant to consider that diamonds shine. Even if you keep them in darkness for years, they won’t lack their luster. Your kids are diamonds, each in their own individualistic ways. Whatever board they enroll in, will brighten them up based on the right guidance that opens a wide range of avenues for your kids. 

Education has also been shown to be one of the most important variables in determining life success. Many studies are being undertaken right now to see how education can improve a person’s social and economic outcomes.


Full form IGCSE is the International General Certificate of Secondary Education and is administered by Cambridge University, offering study-oriented education. We concentrate the courses on the overall development of children while inculcating a creative and analytical approach.

Full form IGCSE is the International General Certificate of Secondary Education and is administered by Cambridge University, offering study-oriented education. We concentrate the courses on the overall development of children while inculcating a creative and analytical approach.

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CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education, administered by the Central Government. Education is imparted through NCERT. Key distinction points to understand IGCSE or CBSE is better-





It offers English as a compulsory subject and is important to subject choices post class 10. 

It offers almost 70 different combinations with no fixation. 


The emphasis is on knowledge accumulation while focusing on Science and Maths as a point of fulcrum. 

It gives equal importance to both Humanities and the Sciences. Therefore, gives kids more space to explore their interest areas. 


Theoretical Examination is prima mode of assessment. 

Mode of assessment is through practical and analytical modes of examination. 


English and Hindi. 

English medium primarily. 


Students who wish to get into core professions with technical knowledge and migrate within the country. 

Students migrating from foreign can choose this system to fit in to the surroundings. 


It’s valid around the Indian territory.

IGCSE syllabus means is valid worldwide. 

Indian boards give students a huge amount of material, but the relevance of that information in real-life situations is not always appreciated by the students. Because of the substantially higher student-to-teacher ratio, individual attention for students is limited; the focus is mainly on year-end tests. 

After 10th grade, pupils are required by Indian boards to choose a subject stream (Science, Commerce, or Arts), but some schools allow students to choose their own subjects. In these conditions, pupils who attend a school that promotes alternate learning methods are likely to outperform their peers.


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The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, also known as ICSE, comes under the purview of the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination, also known as CISCE. A balanced IGCSE curriculum and focus on the overall development of kids compared with testing the wits of kids in ICSE.

Key distinction points- 





It is more comprehensive and complete with a focus on the theoretical framework with giving equal importance to all fields. 

It is more practical and application-based, with an opportunity to select varied course combinations. 


The syllabus is relevant to Indian territory. 

The syllabus is valid worldwide. 


It does not let private students take examinations. 

It provides the ease of taking examinations for private students. 


It presents a fixed asset of subjects and the combinations that need to be studied.

Furthermore, it gives liberty to students by offering almost 70 different combinations with no fixation. 


The merits range from Grade A1 to E2, wherein each grade range from 0 to 100. 

There is a three-tiered ranking scheme, panning from– Distinction, Merit, and Pass. 

Because the current world is more international than ever, it is more important than ever to provide children with “global skills.” As a result, educational options these days include not only selecting a school or stream but also selecting among India’s various education boards.

IGCSE vs CBSE vs ICSE - what is better?

From the looks of it, all these boards provide varied opportunities, which are fragmented over the course of a school journey. Right when your child is a toddler at the time he/she grows up to take real-life decisions, the moulding at the basic level plays a huge role. However, while making the decision, your decision should not be based on if IGCSE or ICSE is harder, but on the fact that your child holds an individualistic character. 

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When choosing a school board, it is better if the student determines which one best meets their needs. IB is the place to be if you enjoy trying new things and asking a lot of questions to figure out why something happens. If you enjoy improving your entire personality while completing complex textbook problems, ICSE may be the board for you. If you need to pass an examination to apply to a university or a certain field of work in India, CBSE and its math-based methodologies may be useful.

In case your child wishes to pursue his education abroad, IGCSE might be the best bet for you to make. We showcase the ethos of the IGCSE in full form through the environment in IGCSE authority schools that your child experiences from a younger age. However, if your child wishes to continue his education while staying in India, you could choose either CBSE vs A level, based on the career you wish your child to go for. 

The above differences are just for you to get started on deducing the atmosphere that is suitable for your child. 

Your child is a diamond. 

The shine will never go away; just brighten up with opportunity. 

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