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COCHINS | Top Among International Schools In Kerala

Our Journey As The Best International School In Kerala

Our story began in 2003 when Trivandrum International School (TRINS) was established as Kerala’s first Cambridge International and IB international school. The Charter School was founded in 2016 and was then taken over by Trivandrum International School (TRINS) in 2019. Cochin International School (COCHINS) was thus founded as an international school in Kerala.

We are proud to be one of the best international schools in Kerala, with a staff that gives each kid plenty of individual attention. We guarantee that they thrive and live in an atmosphere that reflects their individual personalities.

Our international school in Kerala employs programmes that entail strengthening existing ties with the local community and proactively tackling social and environmental issues. Active citizenship and active learning are inextricably linked here at COCHINS. We aspire to be the best international school in Kerala, where your child may take on new challenges and grow.

How is COCHINS Among The Best International Schools in Kerala?

The educational philosophy that we promote at COCHINS goes beyond basic topic knowledge which makes us one of the best international schools in Kerala. Our curriculum is designed to help the kids grow into whole human being capable of realising their full potential. We stand different from other international schools in Kerala because we focus on the overall development of a child by giving equal weight to academics, extracurricular activities, outdoor activities, and social skills.

Our internationally approved infrastructure stands out from other top international schools in Kerala. The international school in Kerala is located in Upper Kakkanad, on a 12-acre site that is conveniently accessible from all regions of Kochi city. The campus is being expanded to incorporate an independent block for international education, separate from the CBSE area. New sports facilities and a swimming pool will also be available at COCHINS, one of the top international schools in Kerala!

COCHINS | The Best International School in Kerala For Your Child

Deep moral, ethical, and social mores form the foundation of how education is delivered here. This makes us different from other international schools in Kerala. We combine cutting-edge learning with time-tested ethical standards to assist our students to acquire a strong sense of responsibility and judgment. The presenting system at our international school in Kerala is duty-bound and filled with respect for other humans and Indian values.

Our curriculum has been developed differently than other top international schools in Kerala. We follow the highest international standards and focus not only on your child’s academic edge but also on the development of their future planning abilities. Subjects have a concept-based curriculum, and assessment follows similar lines.

Faculty at COCHINS | The Best International School in Kerala

Another reason COCHINS makes it to the list of top international schools in Kerala is its teachers. We hire from the greatest talent pool and follow strict requirements for the particular skill sets required of teachers at various levels. We think that teachers are the most visible representations of the school, thus our staff includes highly qualified educators who are dedicated to fostering your child’s future success via creative and proven approaches. Our educational standards make us easily distinguishable from other international schools in Kerala.