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COCHINS offers a system that goes beyond mere definitions of schooling and is an experience full of opportunities for a quality-oriented life. We foster diversity, highest academic achievements and extra-academic brilliance.

COCHINS believes in creating deepest principles of life that prove to be milestones for evolutionary growth of students. The coaching, tutoring and mentorship programs are completely altruistic and value-based. This is why we are an institution with a marked variance!

Currently we are open to admissions for KG to Grade 5. Please fill up the Admission Registration Form below and our admissions team will review the details and will call you back.



Sequence and questions

As a parent, how can I keep track of my child’s academic progress?

At COCHINS, regular and periodic progress-reports are sent out to the parents/guardians of the
child during the academic year. The aim is to monitor the child’s progress throughout the year, at
different stages of learning and assessment. Besides, there are regular PTMs (Parent-Teacher
Meetings) with detailed and interactive sessions where the parents are kept abreast about the
various aspects of the child’s academics and extra-curricular activities.

How does COCHINS stand apart from other schools?

The educational theory that we at COCHINS propagate goes beyond mere understanding of
subjects. It is formulated to develop the child thoroughly as a complete human being who can
achieve full potential. With total importance given to not only the academics but all the allied extra-
academic, outdoor and social skills in addition to a markedly value-based learning, you can be sure
of your child’s all-round growth.

How does COCHINS imbibe the values of Indian ethics and culture?

The basic bedrock of the way that education is imparted here stems from deep ethical, moral and
cultural mores. We blend latest learning with time-tested ethical values that helps develop a deep
sense of responsibility and judgement in our students. The system of presentation is duty-bound and
infused with respect for fellow human beings and our Indian value.

Is the curriculum suited to the best of my child’s interests?

Yes. The curriculum has been formulated as per highest global standards and this means that we
focus not only on the academic edge that your child will develop but also on the inclusive
development of the child’s futuristic planning. The curriculum for subjects is concept-oriented and
the assessment is done along the same lines.

Can we rely on the expertise of teachers?

Yes, completely. We hire from amongst the best talent pool and as per the firm guidelines of
special skill-set required for teachers at different levels. We believe that teachers are the foremost
representatives of the school and so, our faculty comprises of highly specialized teachers who are
committed towards building your child’s future through innovative and proven methods.

Does our child get the best possible attention, , especially at primary level?

Totally! In fact, our teaching methodology at primary level has been specifically designed keeping
in mind the individual requirements of each child. With our low teacher-student ratio and the level
of devotion and proficiency that our teachers have, we can vouch for the detailed attention that will
be paid to your child’s specific needs, strengths, interests and areas of improvement. For us, our
students are part of our global family and complete attention is given at all times to ensure they receive the best care.